Permit required to bury pet on owned property?


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Oct 30, 2023
I've always been curious about this. I've only had one pet, and that was when I was a kid. I'm highly allergic to cats and dogs mess with my allergies some too. So I haven't bothered to get a pet of my own.

But the topic came up recently about pet burial, as a friend's cat had to be put down recently. She wants to bury her cat on her property instead of getting her cremated. I don't think she plans to get a permit. Is there any permit requirements for burying a pet in Green Bay Wisconsin?
Green Bay, Wisconsin, United States
Which county of Green Bay? Some counties might have different regulations. For the most part though, you can bury the pet if you own the property and it isn't buried in any water. I did a quick search and it looks like Green Bay has an animal pet cemetery. That's really nice for those who rent their homes.
Pet burial laws are usually determined at the local level. In many places, you are allowed to bury a pet on your property, however, have to follow certain guidelines:
  1. Property Ownership: The land where you are trying to bury should be owned by you.
  2. Depth and Location: There may be regulations about how deep the burial should be and where on the property the burial can take place.
  3. Containers: Some places may require the use of a biodegradable container.
  4. Notification: In some cases, you might need to notify local authorities before or after the burial.
  5. Large Animals: If the pet is a large animal, there may be additional regulations or restrictions.