Pennsylvania's reformers argue permitting process be made easier.


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Aug 25, 2023
Reformers in Pennsylvania has said that the permitting process in the region should be made easier like the way one can order pizza from the dominos. This came after there were compliants about the sluggish process developers experience when they attempt to apply for different permits in the region.

Bernestein said that USA Steel picked Arkansas ahead of Pennsylvania for situating a $3 billion facility that would have created over 900 jobs for the people living in Pennsylvania as a result of how difficult it is to get permits in Pennsylvania. Do you think State should make amendments to this law and get the permit working as expected?
Pennsylvania, United States
They can't make life difficult for people to get food whenever they wanted it, make it harder to get jobs and also a stressful process in getting permit in Pennsylvania and turn around to want the masses happy about it. This is wrong and it's not going to work. I believe that the government of Pennsylvania should do something about this and the sooner it's done, the better for everyone.