New California Law Gives Local Governments Power to Restrict Artificial Turf Use


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Aug 26, 2023
People in California who want to put fake grass in their yards or businesses should know about a law signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. This law lets local governments stop people from using fake grass in their neighborhoods because it might be bad for people's health and the environment. The law is because things like tiny pieces of plastic and chemicals from fake grass can get into the environment. Also, it can make the place hotter, like an island of heat. Even though fake grass is good during a drought, now people who want it might have to follow new rules from their local government. This might make it harder for them to plan and get approval for their garden projects. They need to keep checking what their local government says about fake grass.

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California, United States
Turf versus grass, I will go with grass every time. I get that turf has its uses, but in a place like California, it's going to be hot often and I can't imagine turf being too fun to use in those hot temps.

As well, the chemicals are a cause for concern because who knows what is getting into the ground water for example. I get it for sporting events and such, but not for residential use.
This law allowing local governments to restrict fake grass aims to address health and environmental concerns. While beneficial during droughts, it introduces potential challenges for garden projects.