Missouri Sheriff Waives Conceal Carry Fees in Response to Hamas Attacks in Israel


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Sep 5, 2023
Missouri residents interested in obtaining concealed carry permits should take note of a recent development. In response to the recent Hamas attacks on Israel, a Missouri sheriff has made the decision to temporarily waive the fees associated with concealed carry permits. This significant change in the fee structure allows residents to acquire these permits without the usual financial burden. For a comprehensive understanding of this update, please consult the full article provided here.
Missouri, United States
This move is consistent with the irrationalities of the South lol. I think the real reason that they are waiving the fees has to do with Joe Biden’s policy on letting illegal immigrants into the United States, as per later in the article. This is very unpopular in the southern states and contributes to the fear of criminals from other countries.

But that reason is a bit too confrontational with the federal government, so the Sheriff is using Hamas and Ukraine as an excuse. This plays into the trope of irrational Southern paranoia and Christian support for Israel in the United States. In addition, it will likely increase the sheriffs’ popularity with his constituents, similar to Sheriff Joe Arpaio in Arizona. Any sheriff that stands against illegal immigration tends to be well-liked in Republican leaning areas.
Waiving fees on its own is a relatively minor matter but I am apprehensive of policy moves like this sending the wrong message to gun owners that they need to start being extra vigilant, which probably can't lead anywhere good. From what I've read there's already been an uptick in anti-muslim hostility in the US since the war in Israel started. It would be irresponsible for our leaders to feed people's irrationalities in the present climate.
The decision to waive fees for concealed carry permits is likely a reflection of the heightened concerns about personal safety and security. By temporarily removing the financial barrier, the sheriff is enabling more residents to have access to concealed carry permits, potentially allowing them to feel more secure in light of the global events. This move may be seen as a way to empower citizens to protect themselves during times of perceived increased threat. However, it's important to also consider the potential implications of such actions on public safety and the need for responsible firearm use and ownership