California's Concealed Carry Permit Process Revealed at San Diego Gun Show


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Aug 26, 2023
At the recent San Diego Gun Show, Sheriff Kelly Martinez offered valuable insights for individuals interested in obtaining concealed carry permits in California. Her presentation focused on the ongoing efforts of her department to streamline the application process, aiming for a more seamless and efficient experience for applicants.

A significant portion of Sheriff Martinez's discussion centered around the forthcoming Senate Bill 2, set to be enforced in January. The bill will introduce restrictions on carrying concealed weapons in specific public areas, including libraries, zoos, playgrounds, and similar locations. Furthermore, it will impose requirements for designated signage in private establishments that permit the carrying of firearms.

During the event, attendees raised several inquiries regarding the implications of Senate Bill 2. While Sheriff Martinez and her team are currently conducting a comprehensive review of the bill's potential impact, they have assured the public that detailed information will be made accessible on the department's official website by December.

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Sheriff Kelly Martinez's insights at the San Diego Gun Show highlight the evolving landscape of concealed carry permits in California. The upcoming Senate Bill 2 introduces restrictions in public areas, which may concern some. However, the commitment to transparency and detailed information from the sheriff's department is reassuring for those seeking clarity on the matter.
She further said to the attendees of San Diego's gun show that if they are doing all the things the department asks them to, they (the department) should make it as easy as they can. This demonstrates how committed the sheriff is, not only in her job but for the betterment of US citizens.