Maui's Plan to Build More Ohana Houses


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Aug 26, 2023
The Maui County Council just passed a new law to help people build more ohana houses. Ohana houses, also called accessory dwelling units, are adjacent homes on the same property. The government is providing homeowners up to $100,000 in assistance to build these extra houses. This comes as a great relief in Maui because houses are really expensive out there. The average price for a house in Maui cost over $1 million.

Maui is trying hard to fix the housing problem, and "The Ohana Assistance Program" might be a great start. However, they are launching it as a pilot program first.

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Maui County, Hawaii, United States
Sounds similar to other similar plans around the world. I know some other cities and states have adopted the accessory dwelling units. Some will call them tiny homes/houses. Usually small additions to the original property that can be used as another living space. It's pretty cool that the government in Hawaii is offering such assistance, especially $100K to homeowners who are interested in building ADUs. I would mind building an ADU on my own property, could maybe one day rent it out maybe.