Introduction of New GIS Maps in Montgomery County


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Oct 30, 2023
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If you live in Montgomery, you should know you have access to new GIS Maps (Geographic Information Systems) that were released by the Department of Permitting Services (DPS) recently. These GIS maps help provide public information that has to do with floodplains, permitting activates and inspections. The maps intent is to showcase up to date data on commercial use, occupancies, and the status of inspections in the county.

The maps that focus on floodplains & storm drain mapping, provide important information for engineers, planners, and property owners about current flood risks and drainage in the area. On the other hand, The My Inspector and Property Map displays upcoming inspections and permit applications to aid in the understanding of the permitting process.

And last, but certain not least, is the Commercial Use and Occupancy Research Map. It's essentially for stakeholders that want to search for commercial use and occupancy certificates. Some dating as far back as 1999. This in turn should help businesses with the overall permitting process, especially with obtaining permits, and the overall approval process.

These changes are a great move by Montgomery County and should help residents and stakeholders make the permitting process easier. You can read more about this news here - MontgomeryCountyMD
Montgomery County, Alabama, United States
How handy! This should make it easier to ascertain the property's categories before buying. It will also help identify which permits might be needed. It's a great idea overall.
I am not based in Montgomery but I know someone who owns a property in Montgomery and I am sure he will greatly benefit from the new GIS Maps released by the Department of Permitting Services. I believe these maps offer crucial information on floodplains, permitting activities, and inspections. For someone like my friend, who is considering renovations or construction projects on their property, having access to up-to-date data on flood risks and permit statuses is invaluable.

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