Instant Permits Now Available for Air Conditioning in Boynton Beach


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Aug 26, 2023
If you are a resident of the city of Boynton Beach, Florida, there is some good news. The Development Department has streamlined the permitting process for water heater and air conditioning change-outs in residential areas. The residents can now receive permits via email after they submit all the required documents. This new permitting rule is expected to significantly expedite services for residents. The normal wait time used to be 3-5 business days, but now the permits will come instantly

You can read the news here.
Boynton Beach, Florida, United States
This is the way everyone who wants to get a permit for anything in the country where they are living hopes to see the permitting process be. This is because life will be made easy for them as the whole redtape will be thrown out of the window. It's very convenient to forward everything through email and have everything completed within 24 hours. I can't think anything that's better than that.

I really hope Boynton Beach isn't alone in implementing this kind of permitting efficiency. With climate change, we're seeing more frequent and severe heat waves throughout the south. In these areas, it'd be ridiculous to think that local authorities would make people wait days to get desperately needed AC.

I recall hearing a couple months ago about Phoenix breaking its record for most days over 110°F (just looked it up...they had 31 straight days this year compared with their previous record of 18 days). I'm not sure how widespread permitting efficiencies like what Boynton Beach has are currently being implemented throughout the south, but given the heat waves we've been having all municipalities should obviously be considering it.