How To Apply For Reseller Permit In Washington State In 2023


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Oct 30, 2023
Do you live in Washington? Are you a retailer or wholesaler? If so, you may want to check out this guide here on how to apply for a reseller permit in the state.

You want to make sure you're following the rules when running any kind of business, especially reselling.

This permit is required for anyone who buys goods and decides to resell them. This permit also means you don't have to pay a sales tax at point of purchase.

The permit is valid for up to four years unless you're a newer business or contractor which only gets you a two year permit.

For more on how the permitting process works, please follow the link in the first paragraph .
Washington, United States
Thanks for sharing, @Jake. This is a great guide for anyone interested in starting a small business that will purchase goods from manufacturers/distributors and resell to customers. It's a transaction we engage in almost every day but I never fully understood the legal underpinnings, e.g., that the merchant doesn't technically owe sales tax but acts as an intermediary to collect taxes owed by individuals to the government.
In order to get a Reseller Permit in Washington, your business needs to operate legally in Washington and have the right licenses. You will have to follow specific rules related to your business type and activities for your reseller business. For example, if your business involves contracting work, it's a must to have the Labor and Industry's Contractor's License. The
Reseller permits usually last for four years, giving businesses a good amount of time without worrying about taxes.