Do you look for workers who are safety certified?


Feb 20, 2024
Do you look for builders who are listed as a Certified Safety Manager in construction work? I've noticed it listed on a few business websites, and I'm wondering whether it's worth seeking out those who have passed the exam.
United States
I'm not familiar with that program or certification, but I do support safety the idea of maintaining safe standards on a construction site. I can't say that I've ever sought out a particular qualification, though, beyond ensuring that the person has experience, has professional insurance, and has obtained the proper licenses.
No, but I've noticed that some construction workers, project managers, and developers list certifications as a reason to hire them. I've never given it much weight, though. I mostly hire people that I've worked with before, or those who come recommended by trusted friends and family.
I think it's nice to have a system where a worker is certified in the work they do. I would rather have someone who is certified and has a good work history over some random hire. I always look for contractors that are well known, have glowing reviews, and are certified in the work they do. It doesn't need to be Certified Safety Manager or anything like that, but it wouldn't hurt to be certified in that I imagine.
I'm not sure. I would assume as long as you're certified to work in the field, it shouldn't matter. I know there's a lot of certifications depending on the type of work you do. Aren't most contractors certified in contracting to begin with?

I suppose it can't hurt to hire workers who are safety certified, but I bet the majority of contractors who are already certified in other ways, have taken some form of safety courses.
I and most of the people I know would seek out a Certified Safety Manager to handle by building jobs because such a person can identify hazards and control them in order to save the site owner and manager of claims that may arise from site related injuries. Knowing that accidents occurrence is likely at the barest minimum on a building site gives peace of mind.
When you hire workers who are safety certified, it will significantly enhance the workplace safety and it will also go a long way to reduce in the risk of accident and injuries. The safety certification is an indication that an individual has received proper training and gained enough knowledge to perform their jobs safely.