Are you usually required to get a permit when owning a stun gun/taser?


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Oct 30, 2023
This is a question I have always been curious about. I don't own a stun gun or taser, and I personally don't feel like I'd ever need one. The area I live is pretty safe for the most part anyway. But for those who do carry a stun gun/taser for protection, are they ever required to obtain a permit? I looked up the rules for Michigan, and it sounds like you are required to have a concealed carry permit in Michigan in order to posses and carry a stun gun or taser. But, I also read that the Michigan house recently passed a bill that makes it legal for anyone 18 and older to carry a stun gun without a permit. You can read about that here - Michigan Public

I think it should be legal to carry at 18 and up, I'm glad they made this change in Michigan. But what are the rules in other areas? In your area even? I figure some states require a permit, while some are more relaxed.

It would make sense to provide it without permits, as requiring one could take a while and as a result, means someone is waiting to get protection, and some people can't wait for a permit to clear to protect themselves. I can see many men and women carrying a stun gun or taser without getting a permit for it because of those reasons. The wait time could be the big problem.
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That is a good question. I've always assumed the focus was on just guns and such, but I think it'd make sense to have to get a permit for something like a stun gun or taser. They are potentially deadly tools, so it's not like everyone should be able to get one.

But, part of me worries about those who can't get protection, especially in locations with high rates of crime. Forcing a permit on you to obtain such a form of protection, should not be forced to wait for a permit. I agree there.

I looked it up, and it seems most states don't require a permit to carry a stun gun, but I imagine most states will require you at least be 18 to carry. This site might help you find more answers though: Stun Gun Laws by State
What an interesting topic! I went to college in Tennessee, and in that state you didn't need a permit to carry a stun gun or Taser. Lots of students carried them around on campus at night. I believe many states have similar laws on the books that allow those without a criminal record to purchase and possess such self-defense tools, except for Rhode Island, where citizens are banned from owning and using Tasers. I can see both sides to the argument about requiring a permit to carry them. They're unlikely to kill, but they can do real damage, especially when used repeatedly on the same person.