Office Review Detroit Buildings, Safety, Engineering, and Environmental Department

There are 36 total reviews for Detroit's Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department and most are highly critical. As with a lot of other permit offices with poor reviews, most reviewers cite poor responsiveness and customer service as problems with Detroit's building department. A couple reviewers go even farther, characterizing staff as rude and unprofessional and accusing the department of levying fines unfairly.

Here are a few negative reviews written within the past year or so:
If you want anything done here you will have to contact a supervisor and even then you may not be so lucky.
Horrible service every time I call nobody picks up the phone and when you go there in person the staff are very rude lazy, and not helpful at all.
No one picks up the phone. Every number you call just directs you to another number.
Horrible service - Called dozen times and I've been hung up on, left on hold for a long period of time without an answer.

Multiple reviewers cited the department's automated phone system as unhelpful and difficult to navigate. For example:
When you first call the woman's automated voice that comes on is so cloudy and not easy to hear. There are so many unnecessary options and long wait times.
This appears to be one area where Detroit could easily make tangible improvements to its operations.

As with other building department reviews, it's clear that some reviewers are dealing with fines or other issues where fault may lie more with them than the department. In these cases, it can be hard to know whether the reviewer's frustration over being fined is distorting their perceptions of the customer service they're receiving and perhaps causing them to react negatively.

Amongst all the negativity, it should be pointed out that there were a few positive reviews, though these were in the minority. For example:
I have always been treated with respect while working with them and they are SOME OF THE MOST HELPFUL PEOPLE I HAVE EVER MET. THANK YOU!
In conclusion, the Detroit Environmental Department is dedicated to protecting the environment through education, strong enforcement, and partnerships. They work hard to preserve natural resources and encourage sustainable practices in the city. Enjoyed reading the above posts!
The reviews for the Detroit Buildings, Safety Engineering, and Environmental Department reflect a mixed experience. Some individuals have praised the professionalism and helpfulness of certain staff members. However, numerous negative comments highlight issues with unresponsiveness, long wait times, rude behavior, and bureaucratic inefficiencies within the department. There are concerns about miscommunication and difficulties in reaching the right personnel to address various issues related to permits, inspections, and customer service.