Dallas residents oppose construction of warehouse


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Aug 28, 2023
A permit had been denied originally for a company named Stonelake Capital Partners, who were building a huge warehouse in an area that was next to a residential neighborhood. But then that got overturned and the residents are mad that their community will have more traffic pollution and potential accidents on the roads. They worry about their children walking to school with all that increase in traffic flow and are opposing the permit.

I looked to find any other updates, but this is the most recent news so far:

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As a mother myself, I can understand why many would be opposed to this warehouse being built. If it wasn't so close to a residential area, then I personally would have no issues with it, but putting it near one causes some problems to rise up. Their worries are warranted, as this will create more traffic and potential issues for residents of the area.

Hopefully they can come to a compromise.