Connecticut now bans open carry of guns


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Sep 26, 2023
Factors leading up to the ban include:

1. Open carrying people not being able to be identified for a permit check: a struggle when someone is open-carrying a firearm and someone is scared and calls the police. If the open-carrying person refuses to be identified, police have no idea whether they have a permit to carry it.

"As far as open carry versus concealed, it makes our job easier in that, when we are called for a person open carrying, we can now identify them and confirm they actually have a pistol permit, where in the past they could refuse to identify themselves and refuse to produce their permit," Melanson said. "This left the police frustrated and helpless on these calls for service."

2. People getting scared of people open carrying firearms and being uncertain about what they are doing with them. Are they just a good person who is carrying a gun for self defense or to deter crime? Or are they interested in becoming an active shooter threatening innocent lives?

Opponents of the ban say that open carry is a crime deterrent. You can read more here.
Connecticut, United States
The ban on open carry in certain places, while controversial, addresses legitimate concerns. Ensuring open carriers can be identified for permit checks enhances public safety and assists law enforcement. However, the debate over whether open carry serves as a crime deterrent or potential threat remains a complex issue.
The concerns about people being afraid of those openly carrying firearms are valid. The uncertainty around the intentions of individuals carrying weapons openly can instill fear and anxiety. While some argue that open carry can act as a deterrent to crime, it's crucial to balance this with the need to ensure public safety and prevent the escalation of potentially dangerous situations. Understanding and addressing these fears are crucial in developing effective policies around open carry
I think carrying guns (or any kind of weapon) openly is not good or civilized behavior. It can scare people away. Whether the person is carrying the weapon for self- defense or with a criminal intention, both ways are not acceptable. Such behavior must be strictly banned in every country, not just in the United States. It can cause a sense of insecurity among the general public.