Benefits of an Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit in Tennessee


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Aug 26, 2023
If you are a gun owner and based in Tennessee, I found an interesting question on Reddit that might be of concern to you. The Reddit poster is thinking about taking a class to get an enhanced handgun carry permit in Tennessee. Even though permits for concealed carry are not needed in Tennessee this guy wants to know if there are any benefits of getting a permit. He also wants to know if getting a permits will allow him to carry in more places.

I hope someone has the answer to this question. If you want, you can read the original post here.
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I don't live in that state, but I believe that's the one that grants lifetime rights. Is that correct? I also think the permit goes with the person, rather than the gun itself. So, anyone who has an enhanced gun permit can carry any handgun.
I think it's a good idea to do so, especially if you happen to be a frequent traveler to other states. Obtaining an enhanced handgun carry permits provides a bit of leeway in that you can actually carry your firearm in many other states that may recognize your permit in Tennessee.

As well, this permit will grant you rights to carry in other areas within Tennessee. Places like Government-run parks, where a permit is usually required as it's restricted otherwise.

I'd suggest getting a permit for peace of mind. It can also lead to a lot smoother interaction with law enforcement, as they will see that you have some training and a background check in place. This should reassure them during routine stops.