Atlantic Mackerel Bait: Federal Permit Requirements Reminder


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Sep 5, 2023
Attention to Commercial and Charter Vessel Operators Using Atlantic Mackerel Bait

For those operating commercial or party/charter vessels employing Atlantic mackerel as bait in federal waters, it's vital to stay informed. A recent NOAA bulletin has succinctly outlined federal permit requirements. In essence, if you're fishing for mackerel in federal or even state waters and then crossing into federal waters with your catch, a federal mackerel permit is a necessity, especially for those using mackerel as fresh bait. If you're purchasing mackerel onshore before your trip, you're exempt, but it's prudent to retain your bill of sale. Charter and party fishing services in federal waters using mackerel bait require a Category 2 Squid/Mackerel/Butterfish Charter Party permit. Please note there's a possession limit of 20 mackerel per person, per trip. If these regulations don't align with your operations, consider reaching out to the Sustainable Fisheries Division. Furthermore, remember that electronic vessel trip reports are mandatory following each trip if you possess the aforementioned permit. Maintain compliance and engage in responsible fishing practices.
Atlantic City, New Jersey, United States

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