Why Puerto Rico Is Adding ‘USA’ to Its Driver’s Licenses

Well, people born in Puerto Rico which is a commonwealth of the United States, have the same birthright American citizenship as people born in the 50 states, so they shouldn't be made to face this issue with their driver's license being rejected as not being a valid ID in USA. At least after the call of the US Homeland Security and now with Puerto Rico driver's license bearing Puerto Rico USA, it's definitely going to mitigate the who issue.
The proposed change regarding Puerto Rican driver's licenses is a step in the right direction, aiming to rectify a long-standing misconception. However, its effectiveness in completely addressing the issue remains uncertain. Clear communication and education will be essential to ensure that Puerto Ricans' citizenship status is properly recognized and understood.
I do not see why Puerto Riucians are so desperate to prove their American identity. Puerto Rico is neither a US state nor a sovereign nation, it is in fact incorporated territory of the US. Which makes them Americans in some ways. Maybe the new provision will make them more American. Giving this kind of flexibility might encourage people from other ethnicities to get the same kind of privilege.
Being an American has its advantages, but they have only been halfway there for decades. Somewhere between being their own country and being a state. I think it's time for Puerto Rico to become a full-fledged state with all the benefits that come with it.

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