What are the consequences of never closing out a building permit?


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Oct 30, 2023
Found another interesting Reddit question for you all. It's in regards to the consequences of never closing out of a building permit. The redditor wants to know, what usually happens if the work is done, but the final inspection is not? What problems could this person end up facing for this?

If you'd like to take a look at the post yourself, you can find it here: r/Construction
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Without a final inspection, you can not get a Certificate of Occupancy. Without a Certificate of Occupancy you cannot use the building legally. When you do not have a Certificate of Occupancy, it will cause a lot of legal problems and even delays in the future projects. That's because new permits are not issued until old ones are closed. Open permits can also scare buyers, which will ultimately complicate things when you want to sell your property.