Walker City Considers Halting Residential Permits Amid Housing Crunch


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Aug 26, 2023
The city of Walker is contemplating a temporary halt on certain residential permits to reassess its master plan and zoning codes regarding high-density development. The move comes amidst a housing shortage and pending multifamily projects lacking city approvals.

The proposed moratorium allows the city to update planning guidelines, preventing potential conflicts and nonconforming structures. The permit might be paused for perhaps six months in order to finalize master plan updates by March 2024. This change in policy will not affect projects that have been already approved. The temporary pause in permits has been proposed by the city to avoid legal disputes and ensure correct interpretations, emphasizing the balance between property rights and moral obligations to residents and businesses.

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So essentially people are going to have to wait until March of 2024 before they can pick up one of these permits? But others who already obtained one will not have to wait? I guess that's fair while they make the reported changes you mentioned. If anything, I hope this results in prices dropping a bit for houses, but I doubt that will happen anytime soon.
That's all very confusing and it sounds like the local government had messed up in the past and now needed to rectify the situation. So they stop all permits and then restructure things? Is that how it's happening?

The area has a housing shortage, so they're not doing their residents any favor, and the businesses would fare better if more people moved in. Hence, permits will be needed as soon as they can get their stuff together and figure it all out.