Virginia rolls out website to showcase transparency in permit process


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Oct 30, 2023
I wasn't sure where to post this, as it seems to be directed for all permitting needs. Or soon will be. The recent news is this, Virginia has rolled out a new website where the public can review what permits are currently active. They hope this helps to increase transparency and efficiency with their permitting process. It's being called "The Virginia Permit Transparency" or VPT. They think it could better attract top-quality business and job opportunities.

This site will allow the public to view the daily status and timeline of permits currently in the running in Virginia. There is a search option on site that users can utilize, including filtered results by fields like; agency, application number, locality and more. Not only that, but you can also file permits on the site, though it's currently limited to three agencies, those being; Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, Virginia Energy, and the Virginia Marine Resources Commission. It's being said that the State will be adding more agencies in the coming months.

If you would like to take a look at the site yourself, you can do so here: Permits.Virginia.Gov

And if you'd like to read more into this news, you can find more on this story here:
Virginia, United States
It's good to have a system like this in place, especially if you want your citizens to know exactly what you're working on as a state. Doesn't look like they have building and construction on there. Looks like they have the electrical side of things in order though, so they are getting there.
Introduction of Virginia Permit Transparency website by Governor Glenn Youngkin is highly commendable act. This website will work as a centralized platform for the public to monitor and search for state permits. Users will have the ability to filter permits by agency, application number, and locality. The online portal will also It provides daily updates and timelines, enhancing government transparency.
Having a system in place like this is great as it allows the public to be able to see how things are going and progressing when it comes to certain permits.

I have always been someone who feels as though governments should be more transparent and this is a step in the right direction.
It sounds like it will be beneficial to the public, but I bet some e businesses will receive pushback for the permits they've sought. What might've flown under the radar before it became easily obtainable, will now face more scrutiny. Activists will have a field day.
Compare this to North Carolina's public access program for permits ( It includes links to all non-confidential documents in each facility's file, just click and review. NCDEQ now also faces increased pressure from public interest organizations who have taken action against some perceived contraventions of certain rules. (I am not making any judgment here, just clarifying what is currently available online.)