Temporary Halt on Building Permits in Bush Creek East After Wildfire


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Aug 26, 2023
Rebuilding efforts after the destructive Bush Creek East wildfire have hit a roadblock. The Columbia Shuswap Regional District has imposed a temporary suspension on the issuance of building permits in specific fire-affected zones. The purpose of this halt is to facilitate comprehensive geotechnical assessments, safeguarding potential new constructions in areas that may now be vulnerable to potential hazards such as landslides, rockfalls, or flooding due to the elimination of tree cover.

These evaluations are projected to take anywhere between four to six weeks, potentially stretching to three months for the entire affected region. However, those who opt to engage a private geotechnical firm to assess their property might qualify for an exemption from this temporary prohibition.

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British Columbia, Canada
This is the right call. Better to postpone things a bit to clear things up. It's always devastating when a fire like this occurs. I hope they can recover first and foremost.
The Columbia Shuswap Regional District's temporary suspension of building permits in Bush Creek East post-wildfire is a prudent move for safety, although the potential delay poses challenges for reconstruction efforts.

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