Teenage work permit in Ohio


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Dec 18, 2023
I'm currently in Ohio, and my teenage son wants to get a job for the summer now that school's out. I believe he might need a permit to work, but I can't figure out who is responsible for obtaining it. Is it the parent, the employer, or the teenager?
Ohio, United States
You did not specify your son's age. Anyone under 18 is a minor, so if your son is under 18, the responsibility for obtaining a work permit lies on himself but he still need to get approval from school guidance counselor, parent/guardian, and also from state department of labor. If your teenage son is above 18, you do not have to get involved legally. If your son is under 18, first he needs to get a written job offer from the employer which parent needs to sign. Then signed paper is sent to school where the age is verified and permit issued. So, ultimately it is the school that actually issues job permit.
Since it's nearing summer, I believe that the requirement only takes effect if your son is 16 or younger. It looks fairly easy to obtain. You can find the form right here.