Should I obtain permit to cut down Callery Pear Trees?


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Apr 6, 2024
I come across a post on reddit and I find it very interesting which I would like to share on here. I want the members to give their opinions. Basically the person posted on seeing Callery Pear Trees everywhere in Pennsylvania and he wants get permit to cut them down. He doesn't want to go through the stress of taking permits from the department of transportation . Can he go into the woods with a chainsaw and cut them down by himself?

If you are interested in the thread check out the post here ;
Pennsylvania, United States
That's a tough question. From what I found on the web, the Redditor would simply need permission from the landowner to remove the offending tree, rather than a permit.
I've spent the last two hours reading over that Reddit community, so thanks for introducing me to another intriguing Reddit community. I'd say that some of the Redditors are giving the poster bad advice. Yes, a few years ago u/kylenmckinney could probably enter a public space, take care of the invasive trees, and no one would know it was him. Today, however, cameras and alarm systems are everywhere. They're also affordable enough to be spread around. Plus, he'd have to worry about someone capturing his efforts with their cell phone as well, and those things can take decent images at a great distance. It's not worth the risk. It's also unlikely that the city doesn't have a plan in place for handling all invasive plants already, and the poster's actions could muck those up. Although u/kylenmckinney wouldn't need a permit to remove the trees, the rest of the laws still apply, so he'd need permission to enter the land and to remove the trees.
As far as I know don't need a permit to cut down Callery pear trees on your own property in Pennsylvania. That's because Callery pear trees are classified as a noxious weed in Pennsylvania since November 2021, which means they are invasive. Actually, there's a ban on distributing or cultivating Callery pears within the state. However, it's always recommended to check with your local municipality just to be certain.
I'm sure there is some form of permit required to cut any trees on state/private lands. I would reach out to someone, maybe check with the department of Transportation in the area just in case. That or reach out to local permitting offices along with any environmental offices you can reach out to. Who knows, there may be environmental groups out there attempting to cut these invasive trees down.

I love going through the comments on reddit for this question. Some people are saying to just buy a hardhat and orange vest and get to cutting. I don't know if I'd go that route, but considering it's been an invasive species for a while now, it's probably not going to be a huge issue to just go out and and start cutting them down. Still, double check with your local town rules and go from there.