Sarasota Development Services Revolution: 'One-Stop Shop' for Streamlined Permit Processes by Mid-summer 2024


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Sep 5, 2023
Sarasota's development services are set for a game-changing overhaul. A new 'one-stop shop' building, due to open by mid-summer 2024, consolidates public works, engineering, and code enforcement, providing developers and contractors a centralized hub. This shift eliminates the need for multiple visits, ensuring a more efficient and streamlined permit process, a stark contrast to the current dispersed system. Read more in this article.
Sarasota, Florida, United States
Although the article focuses on the logistical benefits for developers of having various permitting services under one roof, I think there can also be some real organization benefits as well. Having staff from different departments in the same building can facilitate a more interdisciplinary atmosphere and allow opportunities for collaboration across business lines that isn't as easily accomplished when everyone's remote. Building, planning, and code enforcement may operate independently most of the time but there's real value in staff from one of these departments being able to walk down the hall and talk to staff from a different department about an issue they need that department's input on. This assumes, of course, that everyone's back in the office most days (or the same days) of the week, which may or may not be true in our post-pandemic world.