B.C. Introduces 'One-Stop Shop' for Provincial Home Building Permits


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Sep 5, 2023
Calling all Homebuilders and Aspiring Landlords in British Columbia!

Get ready to simplify your administrative tasks! The British Columbia government has launched an innovative "one-stop shop" service to streamline the provincial permitting process for those planning to build new homes and secondary suites. Premier David Eby has introduced the Single Housing Application Service as a game-changer that will empower builders by providing clarity and guidance through the often complex provincial permitting landscape. No more navigating the labyrinth of government bureaucracy alone.

These permits encompass a range of critical considerations, including ground contamination, archaeology, and developments in ecologically sensitive areas like wetlands and rivers. Additionally, the province has unveiled a comprehensive guide tailored to assist prospective landlords, complementing an upcoming funding program that will offer forgivable loans to homeowners looking to create secondary suites. This strategic initiative is part of a comprehensive approach to address housing challenges from multiple angles.

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British Columbia, Canada