Reviews: Fresno Planning and Development Department

I just read through the Google reviews for this office and nearly all the comments are highly negative. Most reviewers were upset - and some downright outraged - by the terrible customer service and total lack of responsiveness from staff. Reviewers complained repeatedly about no one answering phones or ever returning messages. One reviewer described the department as "about as good as the DMV if not worse" and described the staff there as having a Napolean complex. Another reviewer wrote "I can't tell you how many messages I have left without callback."

Based on all these negative reviews about customer service, it's hard to tell whether the department is understaffed or poorly managed, or some combination of both. Leadership would be well advised to take complaints like these seriously and perform a more systematic audit to get to the bottom of all the customer services issues.
Negative Feedback: Many individuals who have interacted with the City of Fresno Planning & Development department have expressed significant dissatisfaction with their experiences. One recurring issue is the extreme difficulty in contacting the department, as phone calls often go unanswered, and callbacks are rare. Customers have reported enduring frustratingly long wait times on the phone, sometimes lasting over an hour, leading to considerable frustration. Moreover, several reviewers have criticized the department's customer service, likening it unfavorably to the DMV, citing a lack of responsiveness and engagement from staff. Some customers have even suggested that the department may need to consider hiring additional personnel to address the high volume of inquiries and improve their services.

Positive Feedback: Despite the negative feedback, there have been instances where the City of Fresno Planning & Development department has received positive commendations. One reviewer had a notably positive experience with the County of Fresno Planning Department, specifically in the Roads division, where they lauded the staff for their exceptional assistance and dedication, making the permitting process smooth and efficient. Additionally, a few reviewers have drawn favorable comparisons, emphasizing that in contrast to other nearby counties like Fresno and Madera, the City of Fresno Planning & Development stands out for its helpfulness and efficiency in obtaining building permits. Moreover, a handful of customers have praised the professionalism exhibited by the department, highlighting moments where they felt well-served and supported.

The negative experiences are more which is why the ratings are only 2/5 on Google and I quite agree with it. But it also says that there's a lot of scope for improvement for it. It can certainly get better if some efforts are put by the administrators.
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