City of Denver Makes Notable Changes to Their Planning Permitting Process

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Sep 21, 2023
Residents in the City of Denver, there's a big new change coming to the planning and permitting process for residential projects. The Denver Community Planning and Development department have finally listened to it's resident's complaints about how bad the services they receive it the state's permitting process.

The permitting process is slow and frustrating which slows down community's project and development the rate in the state. This have led the Denver Community Planning and Development Department to significantly improved its review times which used to take 12 weeks and cut it down to 2-4 weeks for initial reviews.

Mayor Mike Johnston is pushing for even more efficiency and better coordination across departments to avoid long permitting waits. Developers and individuals looking to build homes in Denver will be very happy about this new developments as it aims to alleviate the challenges they have faced due to the slow pace of plan reviews and permitting times in the past.

There are more details to this new developments in Denver which can be accessed from this article here
Denver, Colorado, United States
Everywhere the permitting process is slow and frustrating, the long permitting process not only slows down building projects but also increases the development costs. It is good that the city has finally decided to cut 12 weeks of approval time and bring it down to 2-4 weeks. I believe this will not only lower the development cost for the residents and builders but also alleviate the grievances of residents over a long permitting process.
I'm thrilled to hear about the improvements in Denver's permitting process for residential projects! The previous 12-week waiting period was a significant frustration for many, and the reduction to 2-4 weeks is a much-needed change. This initiative not only accelerates development but also supports community growth. The mayor's commitment to further efficiency is commendable and bodes well for Denver's future. These changes will undoubtedly make life easier for developers and individuals involved in construction projects.
This is a very good news for everyone that's living in Denver that's been tormented by the way their permitting process have been carried out for years. Getting the process to be dropped from 12 weeks of waiting period and not doing anything to only 4 weeks maximum wait is a major breakthrough. There will be rapid increase in their construction projects from now onwards.