Passage of Milk Truck Permitting Legislation Praised by Farm Bureau


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Jul 9, 2023
Senate Bill 431 has been passed in the Wisconsin State Senate, this is a significant development for the dairy industry. This development will particularly affect those who are involved in the transportation of milk products and milk. The bill authored by Senator Joan Ballweg and Representative Tony Kurtz, introduced a new permit program under the Department of Transportation (DOT). This will allow semi-tractor trailers with six axles to haul whey and milk from cheese-making at a weight of 98,000 pounds.

This legislation aims to mitigate the impact of the ongoing truck driver shortage, reduce road maintenance costs for taxpayers and enhance transportation efficiency. This move has been praised by The Wisconsin Farm Bureau, highlighting the benefits the move has such as reduced fuel consumption, less wear and tear on roads and fewer trips.

The new permit system marks a shift from the previous transportation regulations by offering a more efficient and streamlined approach for transporters and dairy farmers.

This will mean that those in the dairy transportation sector would need to adapt to a new regulatory framework that promises cost-effectiveness and greater operational efficiency.

To read and understand more about this legislative change and also find out about its implications, you can read the full article here
Wisconsin, United States
You got me at "promises cost-effectiveness and greater operational efficiency."

This is great for the delivery drivers, especially for those just getting into the job. It sounds like it could draw in a lot of new drivers, which is really needed right now.
Using less trucks will reduce water usage when they wash out the insides of the containers, but also less pollution on the roads.

Speaking of roads, is that extra weight going to destroy the roads? I've seen what happens when heavy haulers use old country roads, and it isn't pretty. They need to be redone more often, so I'm curious about that impact?
The passing of Senate Bill 431 in Wisconsin is a positive step forward for the dairy industry. The new permit program under the Department of Transportation will allow for more efficient transportation of milk products, reducing fuel consumption and road maintenance costs. This change is beneficial for both transporters and dairy farmers, promoting cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.