New Event Definitions and Fee Structures in Dewey Beach


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Sep 5, 2023
The Dewey Beach commissioners have recently enacted new ordinances aimed at clarifying regulations for events and associated fees for beach bonfire permits and event applications. Events are now categorized into two groups: gatherings with fewer than 24 people and those organized by vendors. A standard fee of $50 has been established for all event permits, including weddings.

In the case of bonfire permits, they are now conveniently available online for a fee of $50. Property owners have the option to purchase them in person for $30 or choose the online option and later request a $20 refund at the town hall. Additionally, a $150 fine will be imposed for failure to clean up after a bonfire.

These changes are designed to streamline administrative processes, improve scheduling efficiency, and prevent conflicts in event scheduling. For more detailed information, you can refer to the full article linked here.
Delaware, United States
What I love so much in all the City have done so far is the fine they imposed on those failed to clean up after their bonfire. Some people are known to be dirty and careless. They don't see any need to keep things in good state and that's why they will leave everything in a messed up state after their bonfire. With this fine, they will think twice about leaving things unattended.
One of the major issues I see regarding events organized on the beach is related to overcrowding. When there are multiple gatherings and when people are eating, drinking, and merry-making, conflict can easily arise between tow or more groups. Permits like these will try to minimize the conflict and maintain peace and harmony on the beach so that everyone can have fun. SInce fees are moderate, I do not think anyone should have any issues.
I wasn't aware you could have bonfires at Dewey Beach! I haven't been to that particular one yet, but I've been to the next beach over in Delaware and bonfires are not least that's what the signs used to say.

One good reason for requiring permits is that teenagers tend to get rowdy and will bring in alcohol, even though they're underage. If they know they have to get a permit first, they probably won't try to do anything illegal.