Lewis County Unveils Simplified Permitting System for Extended Stays at Campgrounds and RV Parks


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Aug 26, 2023
In a significant move, the Lewis County Board of Commissioners has given the green light to a more efficient permitting process designed specifically for campgrounds and RV parks. Notably, RV park proprietors can now extend their guests' stays at a campground for a generous 210 days, marking a significant increase from the previous limit of 180 days. Furthermore, this newly approved framework also permits the inclusion of cabins, yurts, and essential support services such as stores and laundromats within these recreational areas.

Under the revamped regulations, developers will only need to obtain a special use permit and undergo a State Environmental Policy Act review to initiate construction. This streamlined approach effectively eliminates the requirement for a binding site plan, offering a more expedited path to development. The primary objective of this change is to slash permitting timelines, benefiting not only developers but also the reviewing staff involved in the process. For a more comprehensive understanding of these changes, we invite you to explore the full article here.
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This move by the Lewis County Board of Commissioners is a welcome change, as it not only extends the stay limit for RV parks but also simplifies the permitting process for campgrounds and recreational areas. It's a win-win situation for both developers and the community, as it promotes efficiency and development in a responsible manner.
This new rule will definitely reduce the permitting time for RV park developers and for staff reviewing the permits. So this change will significantly benefit both the developers and the staff involved in the process of reviewing the permits.