Lawsuit Challenges Colorado Air Quality Commission's Environmental Justice Rule


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Aug 26, 2023
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Environmental groups have filed a lawsuit in Colorado challenging a recent permit rule regarding air quality control. The group includes environmental organizations like GreenLatinos, 350 Colorado, and Earthworks, and is represented by Earthjustice. The case has been filed against the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission which created the new permit tile. The rule has been mandated by the Colorado Environmental Justice Act. Environmental groups argue that the rule does not address source-specific monitoring.

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Colorado, United States
I feel it's crucial to see environmental groups like GreenLatinos, 350 Colorado, and Earthworks taking a stand for our air quality in Colorado. Their lawsuit against the Colorado Air Quality Control Commission reflects the importance of holding regulatory bodies accountable and ensuring that rules are comprehensive and effective, especially in the context of environmental justice. Addressing source-specific monitoring is a vital aspect of safeguarding our environment, and it's heartening to see these organizations advocating for more robust measures. 🌍💚
It's a good thing that environmental groups such as 350 Colorado Earthworks and GreenLatinos are standing their ground and doing something about the air quality in Colorado. Many of the citizens in Colorado are not happy about the air pollution and they rightfully should be angry about it as it is a danger to their health.

Unfortunately, we know governments are always focused on so many other things and air quality control is never at the front of the issues they wish to address so it is great that groups like this are doing something.
The court will carefully review the case, hearing arguments from both sides, and then make a decision based on the relevant laws and regulations. This fair process ensures that they can assess whether the rule is legal and consider its potential effects on different stakeholders, including those advocating for environmental justice and businesses impacted by the regulation.

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