Hi Chris and welcome! I'm also on the west coast and am a fellow government worker (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers LA District, based in San Diego). It sounds like you work for LADBS? We've occasionally had LA-based permit applicants on here and I'm hoping this forum can serve as a resource for folks looking for first-hand, down-to-earth help navigating permitting questions/issues. Hope you can help!

I know of two other LA city staff on here now too (@LUSINE and @BobaChewie). You can check out their intro pages if interested. I mentioned to both of them that we have an Office Profile page for LADBS, which can be viewed here. Our comments on that page mostly echo negative customer reviews found on Yelp and a couple other sources. It'd be great if you could weigh in with a positive perspective (if you feel that way, lol) on LADBS' operations - assuming you're at liberty to do so :).

Look forward to seeing you around the forum!
Hey Chris, welcome to the forums. I'm just a fellow user who is interested in learning more about permits. If you're looking for info on permits and permitting, you found the right place.

This place just keeps growing, very happy to see it. :)