Introduction of the BEHome Bill in Vermont to bring in new homes


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Oct 30, 2023
Vermont state legislators and Governor Phil Scott introduced a new bill recently that could help provide more housing options for those in need. The new bill, titled BEHome or "Bringing Everyone Home", is intended to help with the current housing crisis, by making the construction process of new homes easier. The new bill brings changes to Act 250 as its intent is to allow more units per building. There is also said to be changes to the zoning and permitting regulations for state and local levels.

The changes are set to help with development of housing in the area, especially with existing buildings for rehabilitation. They would also like to convert other buildings like hotels and motels to make them into livable housing units. More housing options are needed now more than ever since the deadline for the pandemic housing voucher program is coming to an end, so that means there needs to be an alternative for people currently in need of housing.

This is a good step into the right direction. I like that they are considering the use of hotels and motels. Never understood why someone couldn't just buy up a nice hotel and convert it into an apartment complex for low income families.

If you'd like to read more into this news, you can find the story from ABC22 & Fox44.
Vermont, United States
I really like the idea of using old housing and hotels/motels to repurpose as new housing for people. As much as I hate to say it, the world is going to keep getting overpopulated, and I think at some point it's going to be just nothing but apartment complexes. China is an example of how people are starting to make their homes smaller. I have a feeling this is what will happen in the US and other countries at some point.

I am all for affordable housing. No one should have to nearly die working to afford a place to live.
I think this is a positive move to address the housing crisis, it will not only simplify the construction process but even encourage the development of more housing projects. With the provision to allow more units per building, the bill supports the revitalization of existing structures. Since the bill has proposed to use hotels and motels as housing units, it proposes a practical approach to maximizing existing resources. This will come as a relief for low-income family