Hello from the Sunshine State!!


New member
Apr 10, 2024
Hi everyone,
My name is Haley and I have been working in permitting for nearly two years now. I work in Central Florida for a local building department. I do all types of permits, both residential and commercial. I learn something new daily, as this job is always evolving!
Welcome Haley! Great to have another Floridian join the forum. I know Florida Building Code is pretty unique in terms of all the wind-resistant construction requirements, so we definitely value your expertise. All the better that you're building department staff too, which is a big asset for a community like ours :).

I myself handle federal permitting for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in California. We have another member who joined recently (@Permit Mitch of The Permit Group) who has lots of experience with building permitting/permit expediting in central Florida (Brevard County, Dade County, Tampa Bay, Orlando, and Fort Myers according to his intro) - so same area as you it sounds like. Don't hesitate to reach out to anyone on here who you think could be helpful!
Hey Haley, welcome to the forum! I don't work in the field myself, but I am always interested in learning about it.

It's great seeing all these people from the field of permitting join up to our forums. I think having all this expertise here and around the site is going to help make this forum the go to place for permitting discussions going forward.