Harvest hay on the highway


Feb 19, 2024
I've just found a nifty, free permit that I want to share. In Kansas, you can apply for a permit to harvest the hay that's growing on the state highways. The highway department warns that there could be chemical residue within the hay due to runoff, so I'm not sure who would actually benefit here, but it's a cool idea. Here's the form if you're interested in applying.
Kansas, United States
Supposedly, its quality isn't horrible. I wouldn't want to use it for green manure, in case it had weed and grass killer residue mixed in, but I'd say it's good enough for animal forage. We have similar permits in my area.
Interesting, I had no idea certain locations allowed you to collect hay from the sides of roadways. But I suppose it's essentially free hay if you can take the time to collect it. But, what would you use this hay for? Feeding farm animals? Using it for other means?
Interesting, thanks for sharing! Farmers essentially help the state DOT with maintenance and get hay in return. Sounds like a win-win.
It reads free permit, which means you still need permits, even though you do not have to pay for permits, right? In Kansas it is free, what about other places, do they also have similar rules. I guess if you are a farmer, you can get free fodder for your animals or organic waste for your manure.
I didn't know they did this sort of thing, but it's pretty cool in my book to find use out of stuff you normally wouldn't. Like collecting hay on the side of the road. But if it's free, than I can see some people taking advantage of that.

The only issues I have with it, is that it could have some waste mixed in right? So do they feed this hay to animals?