Example after-the-fact permit application for Savannah Historic District


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Apr 16, 2023
Attached here is an example after-the-fact permit application that one would fill out in order to obtain a Certificate of Appropriateness (COA) for work in the Savannah Historic District. I obtained this from the Savannah Metropolitan Planning Commission back in May after I'd inquired with them about after-the-fact COAs to help answer a question that had appeared on Reddit. I'm posting it here mainly to demonstrate how adding attachments to posts can be useful for sharing example documents, such as completed application forms.

Do you have an example document that could be useful for others? Please feel free to post it on the forum and classify it using an "example applications" or "example documents" tag.

FYI - for anyone actually interested in knowing about after-the-fact COAs in Savannah, the process is the same as a normal COA except the filing fee is doubled. And after you apply, if it is found that the after-the-fact work is not compliant, you may still be required to modify the work as directed by the Historic Preservation Commission.
Savannah, Georgia, United States


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