Get online updates on your work and travel permits


Feb 14, 2024
Those who hope to come to the United States for work or travel can now track their permit status online. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services released a handy tool called myProgress. The tool allows applicants to receive regular status updates, including an estimation of how much longer their case will take. Just visit the website to get started.
United States
That's a really cool system the US has implemented to help those non-citizens make it over here. Does this also work for those who want to move to the US as well? Or would that require another permit if they want to live here instead of traveling or visiting?
Awesome, a friend of mine is interested in moving to the states to make a life for herself here finally, so she will have to go through this process in order to come over. It's good that there are tools like this readily available for those who are traveling from other countries. I imagine it's tough for non-citizens to make the move, so having a system like this in place eases the process for them, and probably helps them get to citizenship even faster.
I like the idea of being able to watch my application move through the pipeline in real time. Such a feature allows for better long-term planning, in my opinion.