Court Decision for Concealed Carry Permits in Illinois


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Aug 26, 2023
If you're thinking about getting a concealed carry permit in Illinois, there's a recent court decision you need to know about. The Illinois Appellate Court has given the thumbs up to a 90-day waiting period for concealed carry permits. They also approved a $150 fee for a permit that you can use for five years. Some people have been discussing whether these waiting periods and fees fit with the history of how guns have been regulated and the Second Amendment.

What did the court say? They think waiting for 90 days isn't too long, and they don't see $150 as a very high fee. This is different from what people have been talking about before. The fee is supposed to help with the costs of managing permits, but it's not very clear why they want people to wait for 90 days. If you want to know more about why the court decided this and what it means in a bigger way, you can read more about it.

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I can see a lot of people being mixed on this. Especially the 90-day wait you have to go through before you're issued your permit. I think the 90 days is a bit excessive, as some people purchase a gun for the purpose of protection. I know not all do, but some will and that leaves them without any bit of protection for 90 days.

But, I am find with the $150 fee, I just wish they wouldn't make people wait so long. Do a background check, and all that, but making people wait that long seems excessive.
Yeah 90 days feels a bit much. I get a short waiting period, but 3 months is a big wait.

But with the way gun violence is these days in the US, maybe it makes sense to make people wait so long to get the permit. The fee shouldn't be a problem for most gun owners though.
I believe that the 90-day waiting period and $150 fee for concealed carry permits in Illinois may impede law-abiding citizens from exercising their Second Amendment rights.