Connecticut's Environmental Justice Bill to Change Permits for Industrial Facilities


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Aug 26, 2023
Connecticut's construction and manufacturing sectors should take note of a recent legislative development. The state has approved an environmental justice bill granting the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, along with the Connecticut Siting Council, the authority to either reject permits for new industrial facilities or impose specific conditions on them. The bill will come effective from October 1, 2023.

This new legislation introduces a more comprehensive community engagement and disclosure process in the pre-construction phase. The bill is very important in the sense that it will come as a relief to the low-income areas that have historically borne the brunt of environmental impacts. The bill is designed to safeguard vulnerable communities from cumulative environmental and public health stressors and make industries socially responsible.

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The approval of Connecticut's environmental justice bill is a win for both construction and manufacturing. By giving authorities the power to ensure responsible development and protect vulnerable communities, it's a significant step towards sustainability and fairness.

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