Casper, Wyoming Has More Liquor Licenses


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Aug 28, 2023
Apparently there is a bill that was adopted in Wyoming this year that made some changes to the liquor license. Population formulas were affected so that places like Casper, WY could offer more to businesses.

What's exciting is that some businesses are putting in an application for a permit for different types of businesses than you'd expect. Like a miniature golf venue that wants to start add a cafe that has not only food, but alcohol. I think that would attract some of the college age generation who want to have fun, but don't want to primarily go to a bar.

Here's the bill.

Casper, Wyoming, United States
The news about the bill adopted in Wyoming this year, bringing changes to liquor licenses, seems like an interesting development. The adjustment in population formulas, particularly benefiting places like Casper, Wyoming, is a positive step toward offering more opportunities to businesses.

The most exciting aspect is the creative use of these permits by businesses. For example, the application for a permit by a miniature golf venue to add a cafe with both food and alcohol is a novel idea. This kind of establishment could potentially attract a different demographic.