California's AB 316: Impact on Self-Driving Trucks and the Road Ahead


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Sep 5, 2023
For individuals actively engaged in the development and deployment of self-driving trucks in California, a pivotal legislative development has emerged. AB 316, a bill recently passed by the state Legislature, has the potential to significantly impede the progress of autonomous trucks. It imposes a restriction on self-driving trucks weighing over 10,000 pounds, barring them from operating on public roads without a human driver until 2029. Many are advocating for Governor Gavin Newsom to veto this bill, emphasizing that decisions regarding the safety and deployment of such vehicles should be entrusted to the state Department of Motor Vehicles and other relevant agencies. This bill not only raises concerns about safety but also underscores worries about the potential impact on employment within the trucking industry. To gain a deeper understanding of this legislative development, we invite you to peruse the full article available here.
California, United States
As we move forward with self-driving trucks, it is crucial to approach the introduction of this technology with careful consideration and responsibility. Collaboration between policymakers, industry stakeholders, and communities is essential in order to address any concerns, establish necessary regulations, and ensure a seamless transition. By embracing self-driving technology while keeping in mind its impact on humanity, we can strive towards a future that combines improved safety, efficiency, and sustainability on our roads, while still valuing the human element.
I have always been worried about self-driving vehicles as a whole and whether they are as safe as people believe they are especially this early on.

This is a great step to take especially so early on with self-driving vehicles and ones that are large vehicles as well to ensure that everyone is safe on the roads should anything happen which is inevitable being how new self-driving vehicles are.
Self driving car? No please we need more testing before it should be introduced fully into the public. Now, they are talking about the introduction of self driving trucks? No, I'm not in support of it. I wouldn't even support for any truck at all to be allowed in the public road. It doesn't matter if it's weighing less than 1000 pounds, I'm not going to support it. Technology is great but we need to be very careful how it's used.