California regulators weigh a do-over for Cruise’s robotaxi permit


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Oct 30, 2023
I found this article on Yahoo about how Cruise's robotaxi's will have to sit for now due to California regulators wanting to weigh their options through a do-over of the permitting system. The regulators recently ordered a halt on Cruise's permits as they wanted to do a redo of the hearing that granted the permit in the first place. They revoked their permits October 2nd after a pedestrian was struck by one of their vehicles. The pedestrian landed in front of one of these robocars which resulted in them getting stuck under the vehicle. The robotaxi also dragged her 20 feet after it attempted to pull over.

They also requested a hearing with another robotaxi company, Waymo, who also received a permit alongside Cruise's robotaxis. But that one seemed to be declined.

Honestly I am for this taking a back seat until it's figured out. I know driveless cars these days are getting better, but there is still risks involved with them that I don't 100% trust them on all roads just yet.
California, United States
Yikes, that's a scary situation. I don't really trust robotaxis or driverless cars. I still think there's some danger with them. Hopefully them reworking some things and setting new rules on the permitting process works.
I understand the potential of self-driving cars, but I believe it's wise to prioritize safety. The recent incidents with Cruise's robotaxis highlight the need for thorough evaluation and stricter regulations before widespread implementation.