If self driving cars become a reality, will we be required to have a permit for one?


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Oct 30, 2023
Self driving cars seems quite inevitable at this point, and it made me wonder about the rules around them. Self driving cars could be potentially dangerous, so would a permit be required in order to drive/ride in one? I'm sure we will need a license to drive of course, but would we also need to obtain a permit for any self driving car? With them becoming more popular, I would assume permits are required.

With the current self driving cars on the road, do they usually require some form of permit?
United States
That's a good question. I think we're a ways off from self driving cars being mass produced for the public, but I do see them happening eventually. We already have cars that can somewhat self drive for you, but they still require a driver to be alert and at the wheel. When the time comes and it has mass adoption, I can see cities and states requiring some form of permit along with your license to drive.

So far, there doesn't seem to be much ruling on it yet, but when we see those first cars off the assembly line, expect some changes to laws and the rules. At least when it comes to self driving cars.
The regulation of self-driving cars is indeed a complex issue. As of now, there are no permits being given for individual ownership or operation of fully autonomous vehicles on public roads anywhere in the world. However, as these technologies evolve, governments around the world will certainly develop frameworks to ensure safety while promoting innovation.
I believe you'd still need a permit when you're first starting out, and undoubtedly, a license would also be required once the permit expired. I say that because the human is supposed to be able to take over at any moment should the vehicle fail.