Yoruba added to driver’s permit test in America


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Sep 14, 2023
It's wonderful news! Adding Yoruba to the driver's permit test in America is a fantastic step towards inclusivity and catering to the needs of diverse individuals. Including Yoruba enables more speakers of the language to obtain driver's permits, which promotes safer driving by ensuring better comprehension of rules and regulations. This change not only benefits Yoruba speakers but also helps create a more inclusive and welcoming environment for all communities.

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United States
Adding Yoruba to the driver's permit test in America is a great news for my African brothers. The Yorubas will be greatly helped with this new law of being included and recognised in USA permitting process for driving licence. This is how a community should be where almost every tribe is looked out for. USA have done so well in this new effort.
The decision to include Yoruba in the driver's permit test is a commendable move towards inclusivity and safety. It recognizes the linguistic diversity within America and ensures that more individuals can navigate the road safely. This change reflects a commitment to embracing cultural and linguistic differences, ultimately creating a more welcoming and harmonious society for everyone.