What does your permit submittal process look like?


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May 1, 2024
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Online? At the counter? Via email? Our jurisdiction currently accepts submittals via email but we are trying to create a working online portal for all permit submittals. I am wondering what that transition will look like and what kinds of bumps we can anticipate.
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Currently, we are submitting our applications manually but the permit offices are storing our documents digitally and processing our applications digitally. They do send people to check our site, if needed.
Ahh, we just did this Jan 1st. The biggest hurdle of them all is public education. Having the announcements and requirements spelled out for the public will be a tremendous help.

Another one is add/changing processing procedures for now storing all the documents/applications. We still require them to submit the paperwork via the portal, so we still have to file it accordingly once done which adds additional steps.

We have a YouTube video provided by the company we use on how to upload to their site for the public. Do you have any company's or platforms in mind for the digital side of it?
We currently have the Accela program and only accept applications electronically. Most of our citizens and contractors don't have an issue with the online submittal process but some of the elderly homeowners need assistance navigating the website. It makes it so much easier to track the status of our applications and the workflow of each one.
We take permit submittals via email and are transitioning to an online portal. If a customer doesn't have access to a scanner, we will usually take their submittal at the counter if the plans look like they'll scan ok.

As far as transitioning to an online portal - one of the more difficult things for us was importing in all our legacy data. We had quite a few issues with our data conversion and ended up with thousands of scheduled inspections that should not have been scheduled.
We are currently accepting them in person or via email (preferred). We will be implementing software later this year that will have us go 100% online.

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