What are L Visas?


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Oct 28, 2023
L work visas are required for jobs that involve working at a branch or affiliate of an employer. These types of jobs are usually in a managerial role or some similar position that requires specialized knowledge.

L visa is required for job roles with advanced skills and responsibilities, such as general manager, branch manager, country coordinator, or executive positions.

Your family may travel with you to the United States if you have a valid L-1 visa. Before that, it's mandatory to apply for an L-2 visa for dependents to legally accompany you to the US.
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An L Visa is a sort of permit for non-immigrant or foreign workers who are temporarily stations in the US for a job. It's not a way to become a US citizen, it's like a temporary work visa for special interest workers to come over temporarily to handle a job.

I met a man who did exactly this, he lived in Italy, but came to the US on a L Visa to take on a temp job that most people couldn't handle in the company. I wonder how many people are on these work visas.