Using someone's Handicap tag could be a hefty fine


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Aug 28, 2023
There used to be lifetime handicap permits available in Iowa, but they've now changed that to 5 years before expiration. That's because people were using those tags after the owner of said tag would pass away. Now the government has caught on and changed the rules as well as fining people up to $200 for falsely using them.

  • Failing to return the removable windshield placard, sticker or plate when the use is no longer needed, and then misusing it may result in a fine of up to $200
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Wow! It's hilarious that a lot of people will want to cut corners and make things difficult for everyone else. A lifetime handicap permit is a great initiative that the lowa permit office did and it is what could have saved those getting these permits the cost of renewing every 5 years or more. Now, they will have to spend more because of the greediness of few persons.

I would have been happier, if those found wanting were fined as expected and the normal terms of the handicap permit let to be in place.
I'm surprised it took Iowa a while to notice this! It was definitely more convenient for those who had handicap tags prior to the change though, they didn't have to worry about renewing their tags. Now they have to make sure they renew them so they don't get in trouble for using expired tags. I think it's unfair to take up handicap spots for people who really need them due to sheer laziness.
It's shocking to see that people do this but it is quite a common thing if nothing is put in place to prevent it.

I will admit, that it has taken a while for them to click on and realize to make the changes but it's good that they have as it now means they can catch those out quicker who were abusing the system like they were. A hefty fine of $200 will definitely deter them from doing that in the future as well.
Iowa's shift from lifetime handicap permits to 5-year expiration aims to prevent misuse and maintain fairness. It's important to enforce these rules to ensure that these permits are used appropriately and serve those who genuinely need them. The fines act as a deterrent against fraudulent use, promoting a more equitable system.
Call me a cynic, but for every rule, there is a workaround. This is a fact, so it amazes me that lawmakers wait until people break certain rules before they put more specificity on laws.
Yes, unfortunately, there are such people in the world who are always misusing the benefits. I would say the 'lowa department of transportation' has done the right thing by making it mandatory to renew handicapped parking permit every five years. This will definitely stop the unfair use of the parking permits.
Most of the time, I choose to park far away from a business entrance because I know I need more exercise. The walk is good for me. Purposely choosing handicap parking when you're not handicapped is not only illegal, but it's not as healthy.