Texas Suspends Saltwater Injection Permits


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Aug 26, 2023
Injecting saltwater into the ground is a common practice in the oil and gas industry. In a proactive move, the Railroad Commission of Texas has now halted this practice. This suspension will impact 23 disposal wells in Reeves and Culberson counties. Injecting large quantities of hazardous water from oil extraction has been associated with the surge in earthquakes in West Texas. Chevron and BPX Midstream are some of the major players in the industry, and how they face the challenge of finding alternative methods for disposing of the toxic byproduct. The decision was not taken thoughtlessly, it was made in the wake of recent seismic activity in the region.

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Texas, United States
Scary to think that this could be causing earthquakes and in order to stop that, they have to find other alternatives of disposal. That is going to be quite hard considering there's not many options for waste disposal like this. I really hope they can find a way to come to some solution that works for everyone, including the earth.