Reexamining Solar Permitting Costs in Nanaimo, British Columbia


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Sep 5, 2023
For those interested in installing solar panels, there's an important update regarding the permitting process within the Regional District of Nanaimo. The board is currently conducting a comprehensive review of the solar panel permitting procedures in response to concerns raised by local businesses. These concerns center around the high costs and stringent requirements associated with the current process, which reportedly differ significantly from those of neighboring municipalities.

Richard Wayte, representing Osprey Electric, emphasized that the current requirements have acted as a roadblock for several clean and renewable energy initiatives, particularly rooftop solar projects. Moreover, they have undermined the benefits of the federal government's Greener Homes Grant. Under the existing process, homeowners are typically required to undergo a structural engineer's review, incurring expenses of approximately $5,000.

Osprey Electric is advocating for a more flexible approach, akin to the City of Vancouver's, which exempts certain projects from the need for a building permit based on specific criteria. The board is actively considering potential modifications to address these concerns, and more detailed information can be found in the full article linked here.
British Columbia, Canada