Protecting Our Coastal Environment: The Call for a Temporary Pause on New Septic Tanks


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Sep 5, 2023
Residents and developers along the South Carolina coast, there's a pressing environmental concern that might bring about some changes in the region. Two environmental groups, the Charleston Waterkeeper and Coastal Conservation League, are advocating for a "temporary pause" on the approval of new septic tanks in certain coastal areas of South Carolina. They are particularly concerned about large housing developments and homes near state waters. Their argument is that current state policies do not adequately address coastal vulnerabilities, especially in light of climate change, which is causing more frequent septic tank failures. These failures can lead to pollution and other environmental hazards. The groups are calling for a more stringent review process that considers rising sea levels and extreme weather events. Staying informed about this issue is crucial for anticipating potential changes in local regulations that may affect the region. Read more about it here.
South Carolina, United States
Having a septic tank means that the waste is pushed out from the living quarters into the land and what's risky is that nearby waterways can become contaminated. It's not surprising that states allow for bigger housing units to be built and then discover that the waste is causing issues. They shouldn't have come up with a better plan when they first approved the buildings. Now, they have to be reactive instead of first becoming proactive.
Pausing new septic tank installations for a while is a good idea. It helps us evaluate the possible effects on the environment and health. We can then improve regulations and make sure we have the right protections in place. This pause shows that we care about the environment and people's well-being.